AS Meniscal™ Repair Device

Bringing the best of both worlds to meniscal repair

Until now, choosing an approach to meniscal repair came with a degree of sacrifice. While an all suture approach continues to be the gold standard for outcomes, an inside-out technique can require additional OR time while increasing the risk for morbidity and additional complications. Although all-inside approaches can help avoid some of these issues, the results typically don't compare to those of an all-suture technique.

With the Covidien AS Meniscal™ Repair Devices, you can offer patients the best of the both worlds - the benefit of an all-suture approach with the minimally invasive advantages of an all-inside technique.

  • Gold standard all-suture repair delivered with an all-inside technique

  • Extremely repeatable and easy to master technique with a short learning curve

  • Dependable device that delivers consistent performance, every time

  • Strong repair with exceptional holding power